Biking in Tuscany, Italy with a gay and lesbian group

Bike in Tuscany

Do you love Italy? Speak Italian? Have good outdoors and people skills? We occasionally need guides for our trips.

Alyson Adventures also offers active and adventure vacations in Australia, France, Thailand, and other destinations, for gay men and lesbians.


Flavors of Tuscany: Gay biking trip logo

Seven centuries ago, Tuscany served as the heart of the Renaissance, and the arch-rivals of Florence and Siena sought to outshine one another.

Our picturesque bike route starts in the elegant streets of Florence, sweeps through the wine region of Chianti, into forests still inhabited by porcupines and pheasants, where wild boar ferret out buried truffles. Each day ends with a memorably meal at a local restaurant where rosemary, basil, and thyme - any any truffles that the boars might have missed -- will flavor dishes cooked in time-honed traditions.

Two nights are spent outside San Gimignano, a walled medieval town whose 15 towers will be familiar to filmgoers who saw Tea with Mussolini, which was set here. Our bike trip ends in Siena, whose ancient, narrow streets seem frozen in that Renaissance era.

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